What is an NDA?

On occasion, MIT and an outside organization may want to share information with one another that they deem confidential. Such disclosures may occur for a number of reasons, including evaluating and developing new research programs, allowing MIT to use the information in its organization’s products or services or for administrative purposes. These information exchanges are usually conditioned upon the parties entering into an agreement under which the party or parties receiving confidential information commit to use the confidential information only for a specified purpose and not to disclose the information to third parties. These agreements may be called, variously:

The non-editable samples of an MIT NDA and DUA above may be downloaded for sharing with any organization from which MIT wishes to obtain proprietary or confidential information or data. This will help the organization understand MIT's form agreement, which contains all the terms required by a US-based research university.

For convenience, this web site refers to all of these agreements as NDAs. Please read these sections before applying for an NDA:

Requesting an NDA

NDAs must be requested by a full-time MIT employee, faculty member, or researcher holding Principal Investigator status who will be the primary recipient and/or discloser of the confidential information.

The following list shows MIT community members who cannot be designated as primary recipients or disclosers of confidential information. They should ask their faculty host or supervisor to request the NDA if their work at MIT will require one.

Who may NOT request a NDA:

If you are the intended primary MIT recipient and/or discloser of confidential information, you may request the NDA or the review of a third party NDA by clicking the "Request New NDA" button below. This button will open the online NDA Questionnaire into which you can enter the information MIT needs to evaluate your request to negotiate the NDA. When you complete the Questionnaire the information will be sent to the appropriate MIT office and your NDA request will be logged for action.

Use the “Check My Prior NDA Requests” button to edit pending NDA requests and to view previously completed requests.

Request a New NDA

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